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Links and additional material

NAFI has collated a comprehensive catalogue of publications on bioenergy - download a spreadsheet of the catalogue here

There are some excellent web-based resources to assist in evaluating the potential for bioenergy to contribute to electricity generation while lowering greenhouse emissions and providing regional employment:

A guide to Fast Pyrolysis of Biomass for Fuels and Chemicals

ABARE long term outlook for Australia ’s energy industries

Australasian Emissions Trading Forum

Australian Industry Group

Australian Forestry Standard

The Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE) has produced a list of all renewable energy projects in Australia , including those currently under construction. These may be found at BCSE Renewable Energy Power Plant Register 2004 and BCSE Renewable Projects Under Construction

The BRS Bioenergy Atlas provides a useful resource to analyse the potential resource available. This can be found at Bioenergy Atlas

Biomass Fuels, Energy, Carbon, and Global Climate Change

Bioenergy Australia

Climate Change News

Commercially Available Biomass Power Technologies, Antares Group

E3 Renewable Energy Monitor


Green Power Highlights

Growing Power: Advanced solutions for Bioenergy technology in Finland

Gunnedah ethanol plant proposal

NSW Greenhouse Gas Abatement Scheme

National Green Power Accreditation Program

Pulp and paper: black liquor gasification

Sustainable Energy Authority Victoria

Victoria Greenhouse Strategy – Supporting the development of renewable energy

Stanwell Corporation Limited

Wood Biomass for Renewable Energy, Forest Products Laboratory (US)

In addition, NAFI’s Bioenergy Project Manager has a significant library of resources to assist in evaluating the potential for bioenergy in Australia . For more information, contact NAFI on 02 6285 3833, or email

The full list of Information sheets and reports is as follows:

Information Sheets:

1:                    What is Wood Waste?

2:                    Forest and forest harvesting regulation in Australia

3:                    The environmental benefits of using wood waste for renewable energy

4:                    How are forests and plantations managed in Australia ?

5:                    What markets exist for renewable energy generated from wood waste?

6:                    How is sustainability defined and measured in the forest industry?

7:                    The nature and location of Australia ’s wood waste resources

8:                    What is the Mandatory Renewable Energy Target?

9:                    Cost considerations in using wood waste to produce renewable energy

10:                  What technologies can be used to produce renewable energy from wood waste?

11:                  What are the commercial risks for renewable energy projects?

12:                  Efficient economies of scale for renewable energy generation facilities

13:                  Economic and social benefits of wood waste to produce renewable energy

14:                  International use of wood waste for renewable energy

15:                  How is the value of wood waste determined?

16:                  How much does it cost to produce electricity, biofuel or heating pellets from wood?

17:                  What can one tonne of wood waste produce?

18:                  Frequently asked questions on the use of wood waste to produce renewable energy

19:                  What are the energy management options available forest and timber industry?

20:                  Case studies in the use of wood waste to produce heat and power

21:                  What markets are available for the credits and electricity supplied from renewable energy projects?


Report 1 - Global and Australian initiatives and impediments to the production of renewable energy from wood in Australia

Report 2 - The potential for wood waste in a sustainable and competitive Australian renewable energy industry

Report 3 - Potential wood flows, technical and scale issues, and identification of sustainable management

Report 4 - Converting wood waste into renewable energy

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Harry & SalEducationTimber TrekFuture Forests Conference 2003
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