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Forest industry welcomes new research and promotion company

26 Oct 2006

NAFI welcomes today’s announcement that the Federal Government has approved the formation of a new company to promote the timber industry.

Forest and Wood Products Australia (FWPA) will provide generic marketing and promotion of the environmental credentials of timber as well as providing research and development services to the industry which are currently undertaken by the Forest and Wood Products Research and Development Corporation (FWPRDC).

NAFI’s CEO Catherine Murphy said the announcement is great news for the forest industry.

“FWPA will enhance opportunities for the forest industry through access to new markets domestically and internationally, as well as promoting the green credentials of timber.

“The new body will be a channel for the industry to collectively communicate the facts about the environmental benefits of using timber,” said Mrs Murphy.

“It will also improve the marketing strengths of the industry which will help develop new opportunities in Australia and overseas,” she said.

“FWPA will continue to provide the valuable research and development services provided by the current FWPRDC, which is jointly funded by the industry and the Australian Government.

“NAFI is also pleased to note that the Australian Government has agreed to match the current levies paid by timber importers. This will result in an additional $700,000 being available specifically for research and development .

"NAFI has played a significant role in developing and promoting arrangements for the new company.

“Support of the formation of the new body was demonstrated by an industry ballot held earlier this year. With funds from a new growers’ levy and an increase to the current hardwood sawlog levy. FWPA will take a significant role in maximising the research, marketing and promotional opportunities for the forest industry,” said Mrs Murphy.


For more information, contact Greg Haraldson: (02) 6285 3833 / 0419 465 328
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Harry & SalEducationTimber TrekFuture Forests Conference 2003
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