NAFI Staff

Allan Hansard - Chief Executive Officer
Allan Hansard is the CEO of the National Association of Forest Industries, the peak body representing Australia’s forest industries. Mr Hansard has qualifications in forestry, resource economics and policy development; and has over 15 years experience working on forest policy and economic analysis both in the private sector and Federal Government departments including the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics (ABARE) and the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF). Prior to his appointment as CEO of NAFI, he spent two years as Deputy CEO of the Association as well as CEO of Tree Plantations Australia.
Mick Stephens - Deputy CEO
Mick is the Deputy CEO with responsibility for strategic policy as well as general business support to the CEO and the Board. He is a resource economist with 20 years research and policy experience in forestry and rural land management, including previous roles at ABARE, DAFF, Bureau of Transport and Regional Economics and CSIRO. From 2003 to 2006 he was Deputy Administrator of the Australian external territory of Norfolk Island, involved in land and public administration. He has also worked on forestry climate change mitigation with the Canadian Forest Service. Mick has a degree in economics, post-graduate qualifications in environmental science and a Master of Forestry from the Australian National University. His main focus at NAFI has been on climate change, investment and resource security policy.
Greg HaraldsonCommunications Manager
Greg commenced with NAFI just prior to the 2010 Federal Election, tasked with managing NAFI’s media relationships as well as general communications tasks for the Association. Greg initially worked with NAFI from 2004-2008 before taking a media adviser role with the Victorian construction industry lobby. He has strong knowledge of the forest industry and has been responsible for producing several publications for the Association. He has a keen interest in improving stakeholders’ understanding of sustainable forest management and the industry’s role in mitigating climate change.
Alan Bunsell - Financial Controller
Alan undertakes financial management and reporting in an environment of tight fiscal responsibility as well as providing input into corporate governance and the establishment of the Bushfire Relief Fund. Alan is also the Company Secretary for NAFI.
Alice Logan Edwards - Office Manager
Alice provides office management and executive support to the NAFI team and continues to implement procedural changes to improve the effectiveness of operations and member communications. Alice also manages all NAFI events, is involved in NAFI publications, and managing the NAFI web site.


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