Media Releases

20 April, 2011 Forest products sector input on Carbon policies
15 April, 2011 Stronger Voice through Forest Product Industry Unity
08 April, 2011 Appeal for Temporary Dwellings for Japanese recovery
22 March, 2011 Single Voice for Australia�s Forest and Paper Industry
10 March, 2011 Forest industry welcomes Federal pulp mill approval
02 March, 2011 Forest Industry leaders call for calm over Tasmanian logging moratorium
10 February, 2011 NAFI welcomes new inquiry into Forestry Industry
15 December, 2010 NAFI welcomes appointment of Tasmanian forest facilitator
09 December, 2010 Call for sensible forestry accounting at Cancun
07 December, 2010 NAFI welcomes Federal support for Tasmanian process
24 November, 2010 Tasmanian Forest Contractor Assistance Welcome
19 October, 2010 Step towards Tasmanian forest agreement
11 October, 2010 Murray Darling Basin Plan must be equitable
08 October, 2010 NAFI eNews - October 2010
19 August, 2010 NAFI welcomes bipartisan support for forest industry
13 August, 2010 Industry welcomes Federal Bushfire Inquiry recommendations
10 August, 2010 In-principle support for illegal logging crack-down
05 August, 2010 Moving ‘For-wood’: Essential to a sustainable future
02 August, 2010 Call for a national approach to bushfire management
15 July, 2010Talks continue for new Tasmanian forest industry agreement
23 June, 2010 Government votes to keep Australia in the dark ages on renewable energy from forest wood waste
21 June, 2010 Wood waste biomass: an important part of a renewable green energy future
21 June, 2010 Talks commence on the conflict over forests in Tasmania
21 June, 2010 Green’s ‘same old’ forest policy is irresponsible
09 April, 2010ASIC benchmarks to support retail forestry investment disclosure
26 March, 2010Forest industry calls for a national approach for better bushfire fuel management
22 March, 2010Forest industry recognises World Forestry Day 2010
04 March, 2010Candidates should clarify their position on forest water policy for the South East
04 March, 2010Latest figures confirm important contribution of forest industry
26 February, 2010Old growth report highlights significant economic and social benefits
11 February, 2010 ANU report on forestry tax assistance flawed
02 February, 2010 Forestry can play a key role in climate policy
08 January, 2010 Bushfire mitigation must be part of climate change solution
06 January, 2010 Forest industry and timber communities welcome plantation fibre announcement
23 December, 2009 Forest Industry welcomes Garrett’s support for Regional Forest Agreements
21 December, 2009 Forestry industry supports Copenhagen One Billion Trees proposal
11 December, 2009 Timber Industry Strategy real test for Victorian Government commitment to
09 December, 2009 Sustainable forest management key to climate at Copenhagen
07 December, 2009 Short term political gain should not determine future of red gum forests
03 December, 2009 Forestry no cost solution to climate change
03 December, 2009 Green Building Council response hastens need for Government review
25 November, 2009 Coalition delivers for forest industry on CPRS amendments
17 November, 2009 Forestry the answer to soaking up the agriculture – CPRS emissions burden
11 November, 2009 Government moves to fix market failure in environmental rating schemes
11 November, 2009 Timber industry shows resilience to global financial crisis
06 November, 2009 Governments urged to build our nation with Australian timbers
23 October, 2009 Forest industry welcomes improvements to tax certainty for forestry MIS investors
21 October, 2009 NAFI supports CPRS fuel credit amendments
02 October, 2009 Sale highlights strength of forest industry
01 October, 2009 SA water policy risks $1.2 billion plantation industry
25 September, 2009 New mill a boon for Green Triangle region
16 September, 2009 National bushfire summit urgently needed to protect Australian bush communities
14 September, 2009 Carbon sink tax legislation is good for the environment and regional Australia
09 September, 2009 MIS report recognises the benefits of forest industry
09 September, 2009 NAFI Board elects strong team to guide its future
07 September, 2009 State government commitment to forest agreements essential to the future of Australia’s sustainable forestry industry
05 September, 2009 Restructuring enhances strategic focus of forest industry
04 September, 2009 2009 Forest Industries Conference
01 September, 2009 Illegal logging policy endorsed by industry
19 August, 2009 Wood biomass: a clean, green renewable energy source
24 July, 2009 Forest management must be based on science, not outdated ideas
25 June, 2009 Government recommits to secure future for Australia’s sustainable forest
16 June, 2009 New report highlights massive carbon benefit of the Australian sustainably managed forest industry
11 June, 2009 Plantation forestry is growing Australia’s future
09 June, 2009 Timber industry set to generate employment with infrastructure-led recovery
04 June, 2009 Government should come clean on trade-offs with Greens on forests and the CPRS
03 June, 2009 Forests a focus at Bonn climate change negotiations
03 June, 2009 Forestry key to meeting CPRS targets
29 May, 2009 Churchill Fellowship will bring long term benefits to forestry industry
29 May, 2009 Inquiry is an opportunity to highlight benefits of MIS
20 May, 2009 Forest industry urges holistic climate change policy
18 May, 2009 Plantation forestry offers a sound investment and strong growth
13 May, 2009 ABARE confirms sound market fundamentals for forest industry
08 May, 2009 CPRS legislation key to unlocking carbon potential from forestry
29 April, 2009 MIS plantation forestry has grown sound foundation for the future
21 April, 2009 Government Duds Forestry on CPRS Again
20 March, 2009 World Forestry Day for global recognition of sustainably managed forest
18 March, 2009 CPRS legislation a potential fizzer for forestry
06 March, 2009 Research funding for forestry carbon left out in the cold
27 February, 2009 Forest Industries Community Relief Fund launched to assist bushfire affected communities
16 February, 2009 National bushfire summit urgently needed
12 February, 2009 Timber industry bushfire response and rebuilding centre to open in Healesville
09 February, 2009 Forest industry pledges assistance to rebuild communities devastated by bushfires
02 February, 2009 Forest industries can recession-proof and emissions-proof the economy
28 January, 2009 Bipartisan support - Forestry critical to combat climate change
21 January, 2009 Bushfires flame debate over national parks management
06 January, 2009 Delay in Pulp mill approval could delay jobs and economic growth 060109
17 December, 2008 Brown ignores carbon positive forest industry
17 December, 2008 Rudd takes a rear view mirror approach to renewable energy
15 December, 2008 Forest CPRS rules must allow industry to participate
05 December, 2008 Penola heavy haulage bypass
05 December, 2008 Australia assists Pacific Island nations with forest sustainability
02 December, 2008 Carbon sink legislation an outcome for the national interest and commonsense
01 December, 2008 Australian forest industry delegation attend UN climate change talks to promote sustainable forest management
18 November, 2008 Its time for the Australian Government to invest in forest industry infrastructure
11 November, 2008 NAFI calls for an Australian Parliamentary review of Green Carbon report
03 November, 2008 Its time - NAFI agrees with the CFMEU
31 October, 2008 Treasury crystal ball confirms forest industry contribution in a low emissions future
07 October, 2008 Our growing forest industry support Building Australia Fund
30 September, 2008 Garnaut agrees production forests to the rescue on climate change
25 September, 2008 Commercial forestry key to low carbon future
24 September, 2008 Senator Milne does not even know her own back yard
23 September, 2008Carr takes wrong turn on forests
04 September, 2008Garnaut agrees forestry key to climate change solution
03 September, 2008Carbon and timber benefits go hand in hand
06 August, 2008NAFI sets the record straight on Wilderness Society report
05 August, 2008 Forest Industry - Playing a greater role
31 July, 2008Bioenergy from wood waste key to meeting renewable energy targets: forestry
24 July, 2008Forest industry addresses Senate inquiry into carbon sink forests
16 July, 2008Forestry recognised as Australia’s only carbon positive sector
04 July, 2008NAFI congratulates Garnaut on realistic approach to emission trading
02 July, 2008Forestry will reduce the costs of ETS
05 June, 2008Buy timber on World Environment Day
14 May, 2008Budget 08 - NAFI welcomes funding for forestry
13 May, 2008NAFI CEO Allan Hansard today congratulated Ric Sinclair on his new role with FWPA
09 May, 2008Emissions trading requires full coverage of forestry
01 April, 2008Incoming NAFI CEO sets agenda for forest industry future
01 April, 2008Incoming NAFI CEO sets agenda for forest industry future
20 March, 2008World Forestry Day 2008 – Time to recognise forestry’s role for a sustainable future
19 March, 2008CEO announces departure from NAFI
19 March, 2008NAFI welcomes new President
19 March, 2008NAFI drives greater forest industry unity
05 March, 2008New “Best Science” finds Plantations not the cause of decline in Water Resource
04 March, 2008New careers resource to ease wood and paper industry skills shortage
25 February, 2008Forest industry leads the way towards Kyoto targets
22 February, 2008Garnaut recognises value of forest industry
20 February, 2008The wonders of wood: Helping reduce greenhouse emissions
15 February, 2008Report verifies forest industry’s contribution to climate change solution
11 February, 2008North Coast tree growers get chance to prove their sustainability
04 February, 2008Sustainable energy options for wood waste
23 January, 2008CSIRO research demonstrates need for better management of forest reserves
11 January, 2008Australian timber company achieves world class sustainability standards

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